Meet Generation Z

To build a dedicated area on the floorplan that enables the next generation of packaging professionals to meet their potential future employers. The area will provide an informal networking area in which universities will be able to bring their top 2nd year university students to meet companies that are interested in packaging professionals, this could be large multi-national brands like Coca-Cola or Unilever or this could be regional manufacturers or companies producing innovative packaging materials and products that will shape the future of packaging.

Companies will be speaking to the group of students about what a typical day may look like, what is involved in their role and what exciting projects they have been involved in. This provides the student with a first-hand opportunity to see whether a role in this organization is suitable for their needs.

Industrial Pack is able to offer the Universities and their students a fantastic opportunity to meet the best in the business. Attend our world-class conference to listen to key industry figures discussing the latest trends, and issues facing their industry.

Industrial Pack is also helping your students meet key players in the packaging industry; from global packaging multinationals to regional innovative manufacturers to the largest brands in the world. We provide two days’ worth of networking, potentially introducing your students to their first industry job.

Participating companies will benefit from seeing the brightest students from around the US, getting to speak with them individually about how what roles are currently available, if they offer graduated schemes, salary expectation, discuss resumes, what classes would benefit them – everything they need to get a role with you before they graduate.

More information about this new feature will be shared shortly. For any questions in the meantime, please contact the team.

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